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Step into the vibrant world of Social Butterfly, a trippy blend that transforms from a light blue/green to a deep purple hue, adding a mesmerizing touch to your social gatherings. Watch the color shift as it steeps, best enjoyed in glass cups or pots. This blend is not just visually captivating; its taste evolves as it steeps, reaching its peak when it turns into a dark blue/purple shade. Crafted with Butterfly Pea Flower, White Tea Rukeri (Africa), Hibiscus, Ginseng, Lavender, 5-HTP, Blueberry, and Thyme, Social Butterfly aims to make you the life of the party. Each pack includes one tea bag, allowing you to make up to 1.5 liters of this sociable elixir. With a moderate caffeine amount of 34.6 mg per tea bag, it pairs perfectly with your microdose ritual, enhancing sociability, providing anxiety relief, and boosting your mood. Press shuffle onthe matching playlist and let the party begin.

Intention: Be the life of the party
Effects: sociability, anxiety relief, mood boost
Caffeine amount in tea bag: 34,6 mg (moderate)

Matching playlist: press shuffle

Pairs perfectly with your microdose.

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