Difficult choosing your blend?
Discover what's best for you by pairing it with intentions and occasions.
  • Start your day productive

    With ingredients like Lion's Mane, 5-HTP, and moderate caffeine, Morning Shine will give you a boost of focus and productivity to master your tasks.

  • Get together at home

    Spark good times without the alcohol with this colour-changing party fav. Social Butterfly changes from blue to purple and has a lot caffeine amount plus 5-HTP to give you a subtle kick that's perfect for socalising.

  • Energy all night long

    Going out for a night of dancing? Evening Groove will supply you with sustained energy throughout the night without the dip. With additional mood-boosting ingredients, this blend is a perfect ally for your big party nights.

  • Sparking connection

    Incorporating natural ingredients into our lives can contribute to enhanced openness to love and increased libido. Maca root, damiana, and cordyceps for example, found in our Fuego blend, have been linked to potential aphrodisiac properties.

  • Find the moment for flow

    Dive into a deep flow with ingredients that help you ease a busy mind and increase your presence. Flow State is a perfect hybrid between energy and chill, chill your mind but feel a boost to do any personal activities that allow you to flow.

  • Transition to chill and rest

    Sometimes it's hard to unload after a busy or stressful day. Mellow Fellow is your ally to help you transition to chill and easy vibes. With herbal ingredients and reishi mushroom, rest your nervous system and enjoy peace of mind.

  • Fix the mid-day dip

    Tackle the afternoon with ease using Afternoon Pick-Me-Up. Featuring GABA, a natural amino acid known for its positive impact on the nervous system, can provide relief from mental overstimulation. This blend is your go-to solution for combating the afternoon dip.

  • Get back to your reality

    A unique tea blend meticulously crafted to provide relief from grogginess, brain fog, or hangovers. Our soothing Back to Life contains a blend of natural ingredients known for their detoxifying properties and inflammation reduction. Reclaim your reality and feel like yourself again.

  • Dive into deep rest

    Embark on a journey into Dreamland, where the depths of your sleep are enriched, and dreams become a therapeutic part of your night. Crafted to enhance REM sleep, this herbal tea has calming and sedative effects. Enjoy a peaceful rest and a deeper sleep.