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Productivity Bundle

Productivity Bundle

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🌞 Your Ultimate Solution to Workday Focus!

Are you tired of the constant struggle to stay focused and active at work?

Morning Shine is a tea blend designed to be the remedy for your focus woes. Kickstart your day with focus and productivity and get an added boost to the concentration you need to conquer your workload and achieve your professional goals.

Use our Afternoon Pick-Me-Up to sort out that dip in the middle of the day to help you recharge to fully enjoy the remaining time ahead. 

This bundle has been crafted for a 2 or 3 week protocol, we recommend using 2-3 tea bags a week. Add your microdose to one tea a week to enhance your productivity.

⚡ A Great Replacement to Multiple Cups of Coffee

Morning Shine's unique blend features: Organic Black Tea Assam, Vanilla, Chai, Lemongrass, Lion’s Mane, Ginseng, 5-HTP, and Niacin.

Afternoon Pick-Me-Up unique blend features: Gaba Oolong, Verbena, Dried Fruit, 5-HTP, Ginseng, and a hint of spice from Cinnamon, Cardamon, and Clove

🎶 Try our matching playlists while doing the protocol: Morning Melodies and Good Stuff

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