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Happy Lattes ✨ MORNING SHINE ✨

Happy Lattes ✨ MORNING SHINE ✨

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Introducing the Morning Shine Happy Latte - your new morning ritual for a vibrant, energized start to the day. This tasty blend has been carefully crafted to replace your typical caffeine fix with a unique combination of boosting ingredients, providing sustained energy and a mood-boosting experience without the inevitable mid-morning crash.

Organic Black Tea Assam: A robust base that kickstarts your morning with a gentle caffeine lift.
Vanilla: Adds a touch of sweetness and warmth to your latte, enhancing the overall flavor.
Chai: Infuses a delightful blend of spices, creating a rich and aromatic profile.
Carob: With a similar taste to cocoa, offering a sweet undertone.
Lion’s Mane: Known for its cognitive benefits, this mushroom extract keeps your mind sharp and focused.
Vitamin B3 & B1: Essential vitamins that contribute to overall well-being and sustained energy.

Enhance Your Latte Experience:
For an added boost, try incorporating 1 gram of truffle into your Morning Shine Happy Latte. Follow the instructions below.

Intention: Set the tone for a positive, energized day ahead.

Taste: Vanilla chai

Comes with: One bag of powder with 20 servings (2.6g per serving)

Effects: Focus, energy, mood boost

Why Morning Shine Happy Latte?
Unlike traditional coffee, the Morning Shine Happy Latte provides a refreshing alternative with significantly less caffeine. The secret lies in the powerful combination of Lion's Mane mushroom extract and essential vitamins, offering a sustained energy boost that lasts throughout the day. Say goodbye to the midday slump and hello to increased focus, productivity, and a brighter mood.

Matching playlist: Morning Melodies

Caffeine amount per serving: 5.28 mg (low)

Are you a cafe or restaurant? For wholesale inquiries, please get in touch. 

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