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Get into the groove with our Evening Groove blend. Perfect for social gatherings and events, this light and airy combination of Organic White Tea Pai Mu Tan, Green Tea China Chun Mee, White Tea Mao Feng, Grape, Rose Petals, Vanilla, 5-HTP, Ginseng, and Black Pepper creates a delightful vanilla rose taste. Each pack includes one tea bag, allowing you to make up to 1.5 liters of this sociable and mood-boosting elixir. With a higher caffeine amount of 81.6 mg per tea bag, Evening Groove is designed for those moments when sustained energy is needed. Pair it with your microdose ritual and set the vibe with our matching playlist.

Intention: To move and groove with your friends
Effects: sociability, sustained energy, mood boost, grooviness 
Caffeine amount in tea bag: 81,6 mg (high) 

Matching playlist: Happy :) 

Pairs perfectly with your microdose. 

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