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Embark on a journey into Dreamland, where the depths of your sleep are enriched, and dreams become a therapeutic part of your night. Crafted to enhance REM sleep, this herbal tea is developed in partnership with SHYFT Microdosing, sharing a mission to unlock full potential with natural products and a touch of spirituality. Dreamland features Blue Lotus, Magnolia Flower, Valerian root, Honeybush, Reishi mushroom, Vitamin B6, Hibiscus, Verbena, and Oregano. This premium blend, sourced from sustainable cultivation, is available in a small tin with 5 servings or as a bundle option with tea bags and an accurate dosing spoon. Each ~7g dose makes up to 500ml of water so you don't drink a lot before bed. Dive into Dreamland with calming and sedative effects and take the time to dream, perfectly paired with your microdose ritual.

Intention: Enrich the depths of your sleep
Effects: Calming, sedative, improved REM sleep

Bundle option comes with: one tin, 5 tea bags, and an accurate dosing spoon

Matching playlist: take the time to dream

Pairs perfectly with your microdose.

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